Wednesday, January 13, 2010

RIP Jay...


Out Of Step said...
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Out Of Step said...

dude was next level legend

so sad to hear

Anonymous said...

"It's better to burn out than to fade away" doesn't seem to make me feel better in this situation. i think this is how everyone felt when Jimi Hendrix died. too much potential

Grant Scott-Goforth said...

Very bummed to hear this news tonight.... carry on the torch

Anonymous said...

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Edward Lund said...


Unknown said...

This is honestly the lamest shit I've heard in a while. This kid was awesome, his albums are so fun to listen to.
Condolences to his friends and family, so sorry.

Unknown said...

aww man this is such bad news, he could have carried and making better albums and stuff its like to early, its really hard to put into words. he made some of the most genuine music of the last decade, RIP.

Unknown said...

One of the reasons this is so shocking and upsetting is that Jay seemed intensely alive - just passionately present and in the moment - regardless of whether he was being creative or destructive. As insanely talented as he was at making and performing music he seemed even more talented at living... no one should have their greatest talent taken away so early. I've been spinning his records and flailing around like a madman since I found out...

Reatard was a fuckin' genius.

GKG said...

I don't understand. Life's weirdness strikes again, I guess....

baltomusic said...

If you're a person, sitting in a room with a four-track, thinking about music. Playing and singing and recording and punching in and checking levels and adjusting mics and patching strings, and, feeling overall electric... then you know something about Jay.... something. Now, make it one hundred percent honest, and good... now you know a little bit more about Jay...

Anonymous said...

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Gonzo Chicago said...

So sad. So stupid. Still blown away.


There's a few nice vids on my blog, including a story he told me about a kid driving from Chicago to Memphis just to see him.

He will be missed.

Barsan said...

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