Wednesday, February 3, 2010


***********THIS 7" IS SOLD OUT*********************SOLD OUT*******************************SOLD OUT*****
If you care about the label that Dean runs (i am writing this BTW) PPM, then this post pertains to you. I started the label back in 2001 with the release of a 7" by a band called The Intima. The Intima were a band from the Northwest and the members lived in Portland and Olympia. I saw them play circa '99 at the PCH club in wilmington, CA where i think they played with !!!, it's hard to remember. I got their demo tape and they invited me to a house show they were playing the following night in Ventura, so i went up and saw them play again, they were amazing. They sounded kind of like unwound with a little more Gang of Four influence and they had a violin player. We kept in contact, i still lived with my parents at the time, and soon after that they came down the west coast pretty regularly, i even set up a show for them at a restaurant i worked at called Vegan Express (it was the first show i did there, i set up a handful, it could fit maybe 40 people if you crammed, i didn't even have a PA because i didn't even really know that a band needed one!). I eventually got a settlement from an auto accident i was in and decided i wanted to start a label, and it seemed like all my favorite ones like Dischord, Rough Trade, SST all put out 7"s first. So i asked The Intima and they agreed, and they were into the zines i was i was making with my friends and roommates Dallas Clayton and Mike Runion at the time so they asked me to do the art. I screened the covers at my mom's silk screen shop Kwik Ink and that was it. I made 500, didn't really sell that many on my own, i didn't know what i was doing, then i gave the remaining copies i had to the band right before they broke up. The 7" is long sold out, BUT i recently found out that has 7 left. So if you care about the label, about the band or anything, i suggest you grab one because they are rare and i was very surprised to see that there were still copies somewhere. Here is the link YES


andrew worthington said...


Anonymous said...

Nabbed one. Party.

Bruna Volpi said...

1 is mine. yeeeeessss

Allen Taylor said...

awesome, got one!

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