Monday, April 19, 2010

Out of town shows

For the last 2 weekends we have taken a break from recording to go out o town to play some shows. It is always fun to jump on a plane and end up in a town you have never been to before and play a show.
Jackie at Amoeba found me The Munsters complete series. I was stoked to watch them on the plane.
Somewhere in America
This kid sitting next to Dean was cool. He just played some hand held game the whole time and he wouldn't get out of his seat when I had to go pee, so I had to walk over him.
the first show we played was at Penn State. We landed in Philly and had to drive 200 mile up to State College PA.
We stopped at Maoz for a falafel before the drive.
If you didn't know Kyle from Infinite Body (the Band) has his own body piercing shop.
When we got to State College PA we ate at this Mongolian BBQ place Green bowl. The Penn State show was really awesome! thanks to everybody who came out to the show. I don't know why I don't have more pictures of it. I think my phone died.
The next show was in Bloomington, IL at Wesleyan University. Not to be confused with Bloomington, Indiana or Baltimore, Maryland (where our gear ended up being flown)
Something about this does not looked very advanced.
We went to this rad record store and bought a bunch of records and shipped em' back home so they wouldn't get damaged on the plane ride. Hopefully they make it through the USPS in good shape.
If you are ever in Normal, IL check this place out.
then we went to the radio station and hung out with Fabio.
This dude's shirt!
Teaadora Nikolova played with us there. Totally awesome!
then back on the plane to go to Miami
We played at this awesome record store Sweat Records, check them out HERE.
They were celebrating their 5th anniversary.
The event was called Sweatstock
Dean wishes he had this dude's back patch
I wish I had this dude's Dashiki
Stand up comics entertained the crowd in-between bands
ANR rocked it! check them out HERE
This dude had us sign his No Age x Ed Tempelton shoes
We were totally exhausted.
The weather was AMAZING in Miami: humid but not too hot.
It was beautiful!
Dean lurking
The event was free, so folks from all over the Little Haiti neighborhood came out.
The sun went down
and Otto Von Schirach killed it! check them out HERE
Matus from Slovakia was traveling around the Lower East US and came out to Sweatstock. He said he was gonna see us in Poland at the OFF festival.
Jolie was pimping her Mika Miko T. She wanted to know the dirt on why they broke up. We told her the truth: there is no dirt, they all were just ready to move on. Growing up sucks! that shit happens.
The lady who made the whole event happen: LAUREN RESKIN
She ruled!!! Thanks Lolo!!!
Then to the shadiest Scarface chainsaw in the shower hotel for a few hours sleep and back on a plane headed straight to the studio. Thanks to everybody who put on these shows and everyone who came to see us.


JORGES said...

Thank you from Miami!!!

Anonymous said...

it was good seeing you when you where in philly... falafel was awesome!

oh... wait...

Greg Hunt said...


James said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
James said...

Cool stuff dudes. Thanks a lot for coming to Bloomington

Anonymous said...

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! I live in State College and I had NO IDEA you guys were coming. SUPER, DUPER LAME. Come back? Play at my house?

no age said...

CLINT! we were there for all of 45 minutes... SORRY MY MAIN PLAYerrrr

Carrie said...

more from bloomington?

thanks for getting ill in IL.

Rondell said...

Y'all royalty or something? Why you flying around in so many planes?

Unknown said...

seriously, miami loves you! come back soon!

Unknown said...

I'm hopelessly late. I go to school in Urbana, IL and woulda hitchhiked over to Bloomington for that show. Goddamn.

Next time, guys.

Unknown said...

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