Friday, February 29, 2008

Family is one years old. l

like whoa! Una and Baily rulling school!
Proud mammas and pappas
little mokey in the hammock
Dan et al
Roy et Nate
Brendan and Nick
king of the scene
this guy tried to sell me a nine inch nails7"

Reggie's bummed thumb

Thursday, February 28, 2008


David Kramer. the night before one of the raddest artshows happening tonight!
Killer Cali & Gnarly Arley
Um...keep yr eyes posted for more of this one. shhhhh.......
so yeah like being famous or whatever. I am going meeting up with Mary Kate and Punky Brewster later. its cool.
We were exhausted when we took this photo 10am in philly after getting puched in the back of the head by Sailor Jerry Rum all night.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

part of the Brooklyn show.

I'm bummed they didn't get the part where I hit the bouncer in the head with my guitar and he attacked me.

an interview from Denton. I know we were tired.Does anyone remember my bad armadillo joke I made later that night?

oh my friend I know we are home and the blog has been taking a nap! but I swear it will continue

more pictures to come

I really just want to say thanks to everybody who came to the shows on the tour and made it such an awesome time for us. We really had such an amazing fun time, even with all the insane snow and ice.

so thanks to everyboday who came out and tore shit up. You guys are awesome!!!
I got back the bridge or the guitar the only thing I'm missing is the nut. but you know those things are easy to find. right?

Also, I just wanted to say to the kids who tore up the guitar at the La show. it is totally rad! you guys rock!

I will back blog the shit out of this.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Almost home

We are about to play in Tempe in 5 minutes then tomorrow we will be driving to SD and I will be one year older. whew!


there is no way this van is not full of magic.
Merch maddness

fuck the police!