Friday, May 29, 2009

France from way back

We got back from Japan yesterday, but before I put up the photos from Tokyo, I wanted to post some photos I just got back from a disposable camera that was given to us at a festival in France last summer.
sweet shades. sorry sold out.
dean preparing for his mug shot.
our homies from Super agency! the best!
when I was a kid my mom told me she had a dream that our cocker spaniel could talk and it said"hot air balloon" 
Homies from Sigur Ros. I can't explain how loud their pre show chant was. It was like listening to a football team getting ready to take the field, but then when they took the stage it was the most beautiful somber music I have ever heard. These Icedanic folks can party hard and chill out super mellow.
why do people want their butt signed? "the dude abides" go figure?!?!

Monday, May 25, 2009


we are in Osaka tonight. We did a lot of sight seeing.
so many wild animals...
this pink gorilla was watching us with those crazy eyes the whole time...
Melissa, Dean and Busy
Men's Knuckle
Just like being home...
This is why you're fat

that bear just kicked that toys ass.....
so many sockkkkkkks
my favorite bear, and triangles.........

the best kittens hanging out of your large boots...
these are insane tights that have denim prints on them.
chocolate mask
the burgers were vegan but they had mayo on them... ugh
Dean and Shin
The Castle of OSAKA

so rad onion rings
fake plastic food
super sick SAKE!!!

rad lunch set
I cant explain how weird this machine was. It was like you could buy t shirts with girls boobs on them. not very exciting but totally bullshit...
see... you could wear a t shirt with this image like this
this shop was cool..
it was like being in Arizona, but in Osaka.
I always felt scared in the fucked up gas stations in the US, but here in Japan this store is very mellow. 

WHY!!!! who digs this shit????????
Mega Man!!!
Nipple condom face mask.. i guess...!?!?
Bike break down
this is just getting weird...

That sounds about right, Yeah?
how many phones do you need?
Dean behind the flyer...