Monday, September 27, 2010

I'll gladly pay you tuesday for Everything In Between today.

Our record comes out tomorrow! We are psyched to go off and spread the new language to the rest of the world. COMMUNITY! COMMUNICATION! FREEDOM! Check out our dates HERE.

You can celebrate with us Tuesday at 7pm at Amoeba Records in Hollywood. We are going to do a DJ set and play some tunes that inspired us to make "Everything In Between". Go HERE for more info.

And later there is a fun show at THE SMELL that we are going to go hang out at. Come and say hey before we go off and tour until December. Music by The Crazy Band and Nate Denver's Neck + Vegan food and installations by Jessie Spears and crew. Please come out.

AND Thursday we play at the Hollywood Bowl with Pavement and Sonic Youth. Tickets available HERE!

ALSO we recently played on the great WFMU in NY. You can hear our set HERE. It is a single piece about 18 minutes long, titled "Local Submissive". ENJOY!

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Monday, September 6, 2010

Thursday Thursday

We are DJing on Thursday for the launch of the new season of THE LANA SHOW. Puro Instinct is playing too, come and say peace before we go to play the new jams for the world. Vegan goodies too.