Tuesday, May 25, 2010


UPDATE! Here are photos from Scott's camera. this is what the guys looked like when they first got back. Ouch!

We had a great day walking around Lisbon. We came back to ZDB to chill for a second. I decided to stay in, but Dean, Scotty and Will wanted to hit the town. I fell asleep and was woke up when they all came back. they tried to get into some club and the bouncers jumped them. Out of nowhere these dudes were all getting punched in the face, Will got strangled!!! What the Fuck!?!?!?!? I didn't get any pictures of them when they first walked in, cuz I was just waking up, but this is what they looked like after they washed their faces off. It was nuts though when they came back in, because they were all fucked up and bloody. I will try to get more pics off Scotty's camera. FAHK!!!!

Dean was the first to get punched. The guy at the club said they didn't want "English" at the club and when Dean tried to talk to the guy some bouncer socked him on the side of his face.
this doesn't look that bad, but when he came in his whole eyebrow was bleeding.
Scotty's nose was all fucked up. These guys got fucked up! I am sorry I wasn't there to try to help out. Damn!!!!


Scotty Corndog and WSKM came with us for these shows. Soundman styles and 3rd touring member fer days!
We got into Lisbon and went to get indian food.
I was hella jet lagged
Big dog
Scott loves him some dogs

Oh shit! speaking of Slayer look who was on our flight from LA to London
Jeff Hanneman and Kerry Mutha fuckin' King!!!!
They were flying fully first class!

We walked up to the castle in the middle of town

you can see all of Lisbon from up there.

Monday, May 24, 2010

There's my Pizza Hut!

Thanks go out to Andrew for sending in these photos of himself with Tony Hawk rocking a No Age board.
When I was in elementary school I tried to get the barber to give me a Tony Hawk hair cut circa 1988(long in the front short in the back). However I was super bummed when he ended up giving me the same dumb hair cut I always got.
Thanks Andrew!

Friday, May 14, 2010

things I have seen

strawberry tounge

Lexington, KY