Friday, November 30, 2007

Dean turns 26!!! Happy Birthday

Thanks everybody who came out to Jones last night, it was a lot of fun! This guy is officialy old! Welcome to being middle aged... Remember whe you turned 21 and we all rode bikes to the little joy and Avi almost got in a fight with some dude outside, that was fun!
We were busy playing records all night so I didn't get to take too many pictures. though I didn't play this record, dean did. I used to hate Metalica. I don't own any Metalica records. Though, did you know that David Kramer is responsible for the rise in Popularity of Metalica in the recent years. True story...
Oh... I get it. I thought Sara T was flipping me off. HOW funny! I thought she secretly hated me all night, but now I can see in the picture that she wasn't. Sorry Sara T if I was being weird to last night night. I had whisky goggles n and thought you kept flipping me the bird! My bad!!!
Ben brought a a beautiful Chocolate Cake and at midnight we all sang Happy Birthday. thanks Ben
So I was told that Bob Sagit and John Wayne hangout at Jones but we didn't see them. Bummer!

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Mika Mako was also on internet TV today

Their shoot was so way more professional than ours. No Offense The Lana Show, but I mean they had fake rocks and leaves on the ground and a director and a camera with a big light ring around it.
Jen wore these cool glasses

Getting directions from the director
Rock star!!!!

internet TV

Today we filmed the LANA SHOW! Dean got this excelent Shwag T
I love this filming notice. This was deffinately the most laid back show we have ever been on. At one point the table colapsed, and when I say table I mean foam board wih three poster tubes hoding it up.
They film it in the storage closet, in front of all the breaker boxes.
The Lana and Duffy. I hope Duffy didn't get too mad when I almost broke the Segway. That thing was Dangerous, they said "Don't die" but I think it Jinxed me.

Thanks The Lana Show!!! even though you made us look dumber than you...

Monday, November 26, 2007

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

oh shit i forgot what I was going to call this one. Oh right We played at the smell.

Dance my Pain Away

Brother Reade killing it at the Vermont house
The Ladies putting their best face forward
Birthday boy! I was so sick the next day I couldn't make it to the Pot Luck. Ughhhh...
Brother Reade makin people get their hands up! "This is for the Stripper and the Fans of the Clippers" stuck on a loop in my head constantly

Oh the things we've seen

2/3rds of I'm a "gonna get you sucka" Gymnast
I saw this a few weeks ago. how amazing is this, this man should win an award for best new neckhair design. The reverse ducktail!!!
VC & Weasel hamming it up!
speaking of funny looking dudes. These guys!
Jessie shielding her eyes from the violence

Tuesday, November 20, 2007


Hung out with Mik and Helen at the Cha Cha

then went to Anthony's surprise party!
I don't think he was very surprised.

Monday, November 19, 2007

soul veg

SOUL VEGETARIAN has opened in LA!

if you dont know soul veg is probably the best vegetarian rest. in the US. there is one in DC, two in ATLANTA, and one in CHICAGO. since we tour all the time it is always a treat to eat at these resturaunts becuase the food is always amazing. it is soul food... god, it is so good, now it is open in LA. please go and check it out, we haven't been there yet but we are really excited that it is open and i think we will go on wednesday.

4067 W. Pico blvd.
corner of pico and norton
323 734 4037

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Guitar battle shred for yr life

It sucks I totally got disqualifed for shreding just a little too hard fro these squares from New York. Whatever! you guys just don't know how we bring it out here n Cali Baby!

a river is not too much to love

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

studio black maggic

konky the tape machine
Szwartha Peet's black Magic
Dean feeding his tape worm
Dean vibing the new drummer