Wednesday, January 28, 2009

One long day

So, we left for Australia on Monday the 26th. It was a 14 hour flight with an extra hour waiting on the tarmac.

When we got on the plane the first thing this dude does in front of Dean is throw his seat back all the way like an asshole. We haven't even gotten off the ground. So I asked Dean how is infectious Flu like symptoms were doing. This guy imediately puts on this SARS mask and asks the Stewardess to switch seats. This trick usually works, but the flight was way over booked so Dean was stuck with mask man infront of him for 14 hours.
 We landed on Wednesday the 28th did our best to try to stay up till a reasonable hour to avoid feeling all jetlagged the next day.
We walked around the area we are staying and found some funny shops. If anyone is looking for a cool storefront check it out.
Mexican food. hmmm... I am not sure what to make of Australian mexican food. If anyone has any good suggestions I am up for hearing them. They did have a chandelier made out of Corona bottles.
I think this is what they call a sexual "in-da-window"
David Kramer suggested we eat at IKU, which is a cool natural vegan resturant. 
We were starving from the flight
The food was pretty sweet. We got some curries, noodle salads, vegie burger, and a couple of other things.  
Overall, the food was really good. We demolished our plates.
No Burger King for them in Australia.
No sir. but they do have something better...

These birds are everywhere. they look like something out of a cartoon.
I was incredibly tired and feeling terrible, but it was too early in the day to go to bed with out being mega jettlagged. 
This was such a rad tree tunnel.
a cool fountain in the park.
So many people were just chillin gout on the grass in the middle of the park. Sydney has a real mellow vibe.
Even downtown has some mushroom architecture. 
Things can get heavy though. We came across this hunger strike in the middle of downtown Sydney. They are asking for the Australian government to back the cease fire in Shri Lanka.
It was really intense. more info here if you are interested
Some history for you: Australia was founded by a ragtag bunch of criminals, but, Aye? did you know they still had real pirates cruising the harbor!  for real!!!
Has anyone seen the footy of Reynolds backside 180 this set?

I overheard someone saying that this was based on the shape of women's shoulder pads from those jacket in the 80's. Is that true?
This is that special kind of friendship, when a man and a woman really love each other kinda friendship. 
If you touch this you will turn into a red cactus monster. SWEET!!!
Tourist Dean
Dude! take my picture.
It really does feel like you are hanging out in a postcard
These people were all psyched to hang at the Opera house

We went for a walk around Sydney. My stomach was killing me. I felt like shit. but we still managed to take a bunch of pictures.
This tree is getting ready for its 55th birthday soon...
We saw so many of these cars around Sydney. They look like sleek El Caminos.
We really are the ugliest Americans. I am sure this is some sacred cultural Govt building that we just showing no regard for. Take that Australia!
Thats it. We left on a Monday and went to sleep on a Wednesday. Now are ready for our first show today in Sydney. Psyched!!!

Saturday, January 24, 2009


WE PLAY AT NEW IMAGE ART TONIGHT FOR FREE AT 8pm!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

NEW IMAGE ART 7910 Santa Monica Blvd.

15 year anniversary art show with:

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Dave Edmunds!!!!

Dave covered this song, but this is the john Fogerty original. Damn! so good.
These guys were way too much nerds to be psych.

Nick Lowe is wearing such a rad jean jacket.

I know everyone has seen this

I saw this shit over the holidays and I totally remember this guy from the Underground Comedy movie. He was so fucking annoying! I was working at laemmle sunset 5 when the underground comedy movie was shown there and the dude was such a dick. and he used to walk around Melrose showing people his movie on a portable dvd player. Wow, now he is selling chopers. good for him!

See how fuckin' stupid and annoying this guy is. Ugh!

going way back

I was just going through my hard drives and I found these photos from the last Wives tour in 2005. Man, that feels so long ago. This photo was after our show in Manchester. 
This is the photo that sums up that whole trip. That is exactly how we felt the whole time.
I borrowed a this dudes skateboard in Switzerland. I remember this being one of the not really miserable days.
This is me zoned out in front of stone henge. That shit is right off the freeway. So crazy! Its like Led Zeppelin playing at a truck stop.
This is Titzio. The raddest guy in Modena, IT. he has a solo project call Bob Corn. check it out: Damn! Roy had such cool hair back then.
Totally loosing it.
This 2 dogs did everything in mirror images. 
This is us with Katoman and the Ladies of Nissenen Mondai  

Monday, January 19, 2009

This facial hair thing is getting out of hand. I was hoping to make the Sub Pop list of most bearded bands, but I am afraid I am failing miserably at it. If anyone has any tips for growing facial that do not include pubic hair, scissors, and a glue stick I am up for hearing them.

the Smell this Sunday

We are playing this Sunday with a fuckin' unbelievable line up. We are super pumped for this show. Please come early and eat pancakes. The show starts at 12 noon and has to be over with by 6 pm, so we will be going fast. This is sorta a going away show. We leave for Australia the next day. So please come down and hang with us!!!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

two goofs

i don't know what the hell i am doing in this picture. it looks like i am trying to strangle myself or i am doing yoga, DOWNWARD DOG STYLES!


Friday, January 9, 2009

The Royal Rife Story

Wow! this is incredible.

Monday, January 5, 2009

our new favorite site

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Through HISHAM B's Eyes! (photos sent from Hisham)

Silk No Flowers Age. Being Duders.
Butt and Rando.
Ethan made our record a work of thrash history.
SILK FLOWERS! They really are that blurry in person.
Soft Titus No Circle Andronicus Age.
Inspired by Randy and Craig Ferguson. This kid Rules.
Juan, Jennifer, Busy, Mike and Reggie and the creepy hands.
Bob and Dean and some sweetness from the past! What a great poster...
Dean and Jen try to chill.
Addy the Kitty! (not taken by hisham, but the kitty is a cutie)