Thursday, January 22, 2009

going way back

I was just going through my hard drives and I found these photos from the last Wives tour in 2005. Man, that feels so long ago. This photo was after our show in Manchester. 
This is the photo that sums up that whole trip. That is exactly how we felt the whole time.
I borrowed a this dudes skateboard in Switzerland. I remember this being one of the not really miserable days.
This is me zoned out in front of stone henge. That shit is right off the freeway. So crazy! Its like Led Zeppelin playing at a truck stop.
This is Titzio. The raddest guy in Modena, IT. he has a solo project call Bob Corn. check it out: Damn! Roy had such cool hair back then.
Totally loosing it.
This 2 dogs did everything in mirror images. 
This is us with Katoman and the Ladies of Nissenen Mondai