Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Happy tuesday

PhotobucketWe are almost ready for our first tour of the summer starting this friday. As you can see we already have our outfits picked out.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Saturday, April 26, 2008


Give me just a little more time

this is an old favorite. this version is amazing because they all switched instruments. not bad for a singing drummer!

and um... one I just can't ket outa my head.

Ukrainian Culture

Friday, April 11, 2008

Secret Photos from Paris undercover mission

how to start the morning
Drew, Herm and Atiba
Theo staying away from the shortcut to SD while taking a break from shooting his Royal ad
Garret commiting a Royal. Kill your self 3 times
Pizza Pino for Days
What a dog
Snake run pre pile up
Amazing sunset I found while the crew gathered around to worship the starbucks god.
Major Relax
The Vege-halles resuarant. Savoir!

Return to Cali

Happy birthday buddy! I know your colon is making a cozy home for the little meat baby you are now carting around. Yum!

So, wait...something wicked this way comes.... oh I get it...
DJ Mama trying to make it through till the end of the night. almost there...

Monday, April 7, 2008