Thursday, April 30, 2009

Sound Screen Design Summer Collection

Sound Screen Design are releasing a summer line of wearable goods that include collaborations with designers and musicians. We teamed up with our pal Brian Roettinger (yeah, the same one from the post below) to make organic, limited edition custom fit t shirts, hooded sweatshirts and tote bags. Check out the site to pre order and see the other bands gear HERE.


We are showing some various artwork stuff at PLSMIS in Tokyo, along with our pal Brian Roettinger. Come support if you are in the area.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009


This is what Mika Miko looked like when we first met them. 

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Wood Wood

I just saw this cool company over at Our Bees Make Honey
their name is Wood Wood
There was a period of time where I was obsessed with fake wood patterns 

Monday, April 20, 2009


Holy shit! Coachella went by so fast. I will give a quick overview of what I saw this weekend.
This is my Mom and my Brother Dave.
Taking photos during Paul.
We are all so super psyched to see Paul. 
Dream come true!
I can't say how fuckin' rad his set was. 
The next day we were asked to dress in funny clothes for the New York Times. I got really into my character with knuckle tattoos.
Dean and Jen are naturals to the photo shoot life.
No Age + Vivian Girls = the most dangerous gang... 
This Charming Dean.
I was hoping for Terrance Stamp

Then we saw Joradn...
and  Luis...
and the Fucked Up friends...
smell the magic
Jonah rocking a sick Hisham T-shirt

Dean, Jen, Randy interview
No Age pinada  from the folks at Coachella.

Our set at the Mojave tent.
Sweaty friends
Estrada Familia

Signing records at the Record Store Day tent. 
Thanks to everyone who came out.
Fuck YEAH!!! Fucked Up!!!
Bro and Mom looking tired under the sun.
Dean, Dad, and Joel in limited edition NO AGE t's.
Our trailer. Thanks to the folks at Coachella who worked hard as hell to make the festival happen.
Mom and Annie.
Dean, Sue, and Randy

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Photos from Iowa city and beyond

This is at the Logan Car rental joint, where we picked up oue sweet HHR
Dean diligently checking his email.
Shawn Reed our brother in Iowa city. He was nice enough to let us crash at his pad for two nights. Mega dude, holding it down in Iowa City
Rad Poster Shawn made for the basement show at his house. We were the secret guests. Totally awesome show. Epic!
This was the man with the bacon
He is a beautiful artist and reminded us that "everyone loves bacon"
Jeff Witcher loves bacon
This dude is also mega holding it down in Iowa City. I kinda got the impression that Jeff runs the game in IC.
Bill Nace loves Bacon
Dean loves Fakin' Bacon.
Real Deal
Suggested equivalent 
Iowa City Homies tripple love Bacon.
Indra and Aaron hella luv Bacon!
This shirt tripped me out at the airport.
Dean waiting to pee at the airport
A familiar face to welcome us back.
Another familiar face: Juan at Amoeba, so ready to hit the road.
Awesome Taco spot in Atwater.

Happy Birthday ADDY!!!!!!