Sunday, June 28, 2009

Rolls of Development (i got developed)

Been shooting film for a while now, these are some random shots from a few months ago or so.

This dude was at a Mika Miko show at UCLA. He jumped in the pit and punched a kid in the back of the head, it was pretty intense, he was really into his shirt.

Flagstaff show on the way to SXSW, these kids were all together and all died their hair the same color. It was kinda freaky, but awesome.

Black Flagstaff crowd shot, where's SWEET BOBBY C?!?!

Andrew Reynolds shredding the ditch outside Texas, looks harmless but i promise you minutes before this and after this he was hurling his body down a very large vast open hole of some sort.

Randy Steven Randall, Baker board, pre I Phone.

Spanky, almost landing on my head. NO AGE PARTY! 

Spanky again, he found this weird little twig hand and decided he needed to have it. He was so pumped he came in to show us all.

Jennifer and the smartest cats ever.

New Mika Miko record HERE.  Thoroughly inspected by Jennifer and Jenna.

Sporty ride in Australia, looking sharp.

Billy's drawings. Randy drew the Stussy "S" and handled Bartman.

Fans in New Zealand, pretty stoked. 

These guys were so awesome at the show. That guy on the right's Eyes are actually the same color though.

Randy signing a deck. "Mexico City KILLER!!"

Randy with a giant can of beer and a tiny can of beer. The tiny one was a blow up toy so that big one had to do, we poured it on these guys below.

Guadalajara crowd shot. The guy with the mustachio was extra happy, we did in interview with him after that blew my mind.

Randy and his pre game ritual.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Monday, June 22, 2009

Jonny Olsen

I met this kid named Jonny Olsen when i was in high school. He skated for this cool skate shop in the valley called Oneeighteen (Paul Rodriguez rode for them too, when he was like 12). We would hang out and skate and go see bands play, then I moved out of my parents house with some friends to Hollywood, and he would come and stay with us and just hang out. I started a job at a vegan thai restaurant called Vegan Express (which was the FIRST of all the vegan thai places in Los Angeles, all the other places stole the same basic recipes, I used to have bands play there and well, that is a whole other story) and soon after I got Jonny a job there too.

Jonny fell in love with Thai culture through the restaurant, I mean everything about it, the food, the clothes, the language, the girls and the music, especially the music. He went one year to visit and came back with a wooden flute type instrument called a Khaen and played it literally every minute of every day when he wasn't working or sleeping. Then he moved to Thailand to study the instrument and was gone for about two years. He came back and was pretty much a pro, he recorded a record out there, started a project called Master BAJ (Bad Ass Jonny) and soon he went back to live in Thailand and then Laos. In the last two years or so Jonny has become a huge success in Thailand and Laos and performs for thousands of people over there, he is a Pop Star.

 Below are some of his videos that are very unique and crazy and mind blowing and just, i don't really know how to describe them, you just have to see them, this is beyond next level heaviness, beyond beyond even!


Saturday, June 20, 2009

South America

We flew from LAX to Santiago Chile. Dean snuck into First class during the layover. 
We had a layover in Lima, Peru. We didn't know what to do.
We just hung out on the plane.
While we were waiting in Immigration we saw Juan from Abe Vigoda's secret twin.
Street kids souvenirs at the airport.
It was a long flight.
The next day we saw the coolest hill in the center of Santiago. 
There were really old castles walls.
This spiky pink flowers.
this street dog was all the way at the top of this huge castle on top of a massive hill. He was just up there chilling. 
this is the 360 view of Santiago.  Amazing!
Details of one of the demons.

there was a beautiful plaza at the bottom of the hill.
These tiles looked cool.

I was so stoked we could take some time to sight see.
We ate at the raddest Vegan resturant.
There was also a punk silkscreen shop and store.
they had cool punk aprons.
Dean grubbed down.
It was seitan , potatoes, and some other stuff. 
They also had some rad art on the wall.

it was done by the cool art collective.
there is also tons of graf in the streets.
tru dat!
Chilean dogs.
so majestic
and Cool Chilean Cats.
old school buses
this is a painting of a Pudu. these are like tiny Chilean deers that live in the forest.

Dean watched Garden State on the plane and was trying to blend into the background.
The venue we played had this huge art gallery next door.
This piece went across the whole room.
It is a tongue  and skate ramp.
The sunset was super pink from all the pollution. but man it looked beautiful.

Someone made bootleg stickers for the show. They were selling them out in front of the venue.
Golden Acapulco. 
Chilean Homies!
Rad Venue.
They gave us swine flu masks on the plane ride to Porto Alegre Brazil. 
It feels so freaky flying with everyone passing out these masks and using hand sanitizer. 
cool beer label design.
It was a quick flight. 
This is our number one fan in Porto Alegre. He was psyched to see us but he kept telling us how much his wife hated us. but she was a good sport to hang out and watch the show.
He also interviewed us for a music TV show.
I wish we had more time to see the sights.
I went for a walk in the morning.
the light is so warm down there.
Dean and Kim are about to flash the camera.
then when we were checking in for our flight to Sao Palo these guys came in to the airport and started playing right in the middle of the airport. this would never happen at LAX.
In Sao Palo everyone wore sparkly socks.
After the show we went to get vegan pizza. this one is covered in roasted chopped garlic. Wow! that was sooooo much garlic.
and this pizza had lettuce as a topping. I have never seen that before.
Dean liked them both.
we had help loading the van.
Raging Dean.
way to put it bluntly.
you can't bring these things on the plane.
poster for the Buenos Aires show.
this show was super fun!
Buenos Aires is a really beautiful city.
we got a chance to walk around before sound check.
Dean bonded with the locals.
We got falafel down the street from the venue.
the venue puts on plays and theater shows. This was a prop back stage.
we also found these glasses back stage. 
I think they look better on Matt.
fuckin' A! that is a huge burger.
Taylor's sister came to the show to hang.
Matt and Brad.
Dean getting lurked on.
We went to an English pub after the show.
This tour was so much fun and it went by super fast.