Friday, July 31, 2009

Show Tonight at Sonar in Baltimore

The Round Robin tour starts tonight at Sonar in Baltimore. We play with Dan Deacon and Deerhunter. All Ages! Check out our myspace for more upcoming tour dates.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Our "No Deachunter" Tour Starts Tomorrow

Real excited to start this tour. This is the image of our "Tour Shirt" and we will have them for sale at the shows. The artwork is by the epic Lovefoxx

trip out to phoenix

A few weeks ago we drove out to Phoenix, AZ.
We started our trip off with breakfast at Orean in Pasadena. 
Rob Barber from High Places was brave enough to make the trek out through the 115 degree heat storm.
It was so fucking hot!!!
First stop in Pheonix was Stinkweeds. These were some of  the friends that made it out to the instore. 
more friends at Stinkweeds

I used to have this Japanese rocket shooting robot when I was a kid. What the hell are they called?
After Stinkweeds we went to our favorite Veg resturant Green in Tempe, AZ
Then we headed over to the Library Bar and Grill. Look at Deans face...
Then we rocked out in a Library themed bar with books on the wall and bar tenders dressed like naughty librarians. 
Straight Edge Rob with a fake over sized hand and fake bottle.
blurry set list
there is that oversized hand again.
Breakfast at Whole foods
Thanks for making the desert trek with us Rob, you rule!!!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

High Places/ Soft Circle 12" Split Out Now on PPM!

New Release on PPM: High Places / Soft Circle split 12" Out Now!

Go to the PPM Store or your local record shop to jam it.

HAPPY 5th Anniversary OOGA BOOGA!!!

This past Tuesday Wendy invited friends out for a pizza party at Casa Bianca
It was an intern appreciation/5 year anniversary party.
Cali was there
Dean was there
catching up on record releases
Wendy brought her golden aura
It was awesome to see so many friends.
I wish I had a better picture of this guy. He was wearing a shirt that blended perfectly with the wallpaper. Italian restaurant camo!
Luke is the tallest man.
Everyone, if you haven't already go check out OOGA BOOGA STORE.COM this place seriously rulez!!!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Mika Miko at the beach

Mika Miko played at the Santa Monica Library yesterday to celebrate the release of Jessica Hopper's new book The Girl's Guide to Rocking.
I had to go to a doctor's appointment and I couldn't make it in time for the reading and Mika Miko's performance. I was so bummed. Everyone should go out and buy Ms. Hopper's book! Click HERE and fork over the cash, you know you want to.
I met up with Dean, Jen, Michelle, and Juan after the show and we went to the beach and ate mangos.
Michelle and I were both beach Goths. You can't see me but I am rockin' all black also. I stayed covered up cause when I was at the doctor she referred me to a dermatologist to check some moles for cancer. So I was super freaked out lounging around at the beach.
Dean has a fancy hat and that sick Silk Flowers t-shirt that Tipton had on before but you couldn't see in the photo.Sunny summer beach day. I prolly don't have skin cancer but it is better just to get that shit checked out anyway, right?

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

All Ages Show at Stinkweeds Record Exchange in Phoenix!

All Ages Show this Saturday July 18 at Stinkweeds in Phoenix, AZ @ 3 PM! Show later that night at Library Bar & Grill in Tempe, AZ!

See You There!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

LOS ANGELES iphone photos.

I have been major bumming for the last 2 weeks because I lost my camera on the plane back from Vancouver.  I called the airline but they say it never got turned in. Mega SUX!!! So, I took some photos form my phone this weekend. Here they are:
This one above is Dave and Attiba rockin' it OCD-J style at the Cha Cha.
Psyched to see Chris and Clare from UTR. Here Chris is trying on Dave Stone's glasses. Very sharp!
Chris and Rob at Pure Luck
Dave rockin' Tipton's glasses.
Chris with a Mexi-Coke, real sugar, no corn syrup. 
Dave Stone and I took Chris and Clare on a Hollywood tourist tour. First stop is the Johnny Ramone statue at Hollywood Forever Cemetery. Johnny is trying on Chris's glasses. Someone before us left a half bottle of Vodka there, and yes it was really vodka not just water.
Clare and Chris laughing at the embarrassing quotes that are all around the statue.
Chris at the grave of one of his American ancestors. Creepy!!!
More creepiness. Humphrey Bogart signed his foot prints "may you never die until I kill you" WTF!!!
Keeping with the dead stars: this is Michael Jackson's star. So many people. Crazy!
Then later that night we ran in to Susan and Nick again at Pure Luck.
We met up with Dean and Jen and saw Bruno and had a late dinner at Pure Luck.
The next day we had Pancakes at Dean and Jen's house. 
Then we went to the Lotus Festival at Echo Park Lake. 
The Bad girls and VC.
My little friend stealing my sunglasses. 
Deano buggin' out!
Chris rockin' his silk flower T-shirt.
Geo Chen telling a dirty story at breakfast.
Bye Chris and Clare. We will see you back in London. Miss you!!!!