Thursday, July 30, 2009

trip out to phoenix

A few weeks ago we drove out to Phoenix, AZ.
We started our trip off with breakfast at Orean in Pasadena. 
Rob Barber from High Places was brave enough to make the trek out through the 115 degree heat storm.
It was so fucking hot!!!
First stop in Pheonix was Stinkweeds. These were some of  the friends that made it out to the instore. 
more friends at Stinkweeds

I used to have this Japanese rocket shooting robot when I was a kid. What the hell are they called?
After Stinkweeds we went to our favorite Veg resturant Green in Tempe, AZ
Then we headed over to the Library Bar and Grill. Look at Deans face...
Then we rocked out in a Library themed bar with books on the wall and bar tenders dressed like naughty librarians. 
Straight Edge Rob with a fake over sized hand and fake bottle.
blurry set list
there is that oversized hand again.
Breakfast at Whole foods
Thanks for making the desert trek with us Rob, you rule!!!