Monday, December 31, 2007

Dublin Airport

Better, Faster, Stronger, longer

Inroducing the New Randall ramp.
Chad applying the gentle touch.
Who's your Daddy and what does he do?
this ramp is dope


the horns ala Chuck
Jerrit just told the funniest Joke of the night
Mike leaning in o nDustin
Andres raising the roof!!! Whoo Wooo!!!
Leo telling Deaner a secret...shhh.....

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

London post shows

So after we played our last date in London, I stuck around to film footage for the Documentary we are working on. This is Alisa and Christophertrying to calculate how little sleep human being actually need.
Christopher asked me to help him draw a poster for the Upset the Rhythm Christmas Party. I was thinking Junkie Jazzbo Santa. I think it came out pretty good.
This is how it eventualy turned out. NOT too bad. That was suposed to be Kurt Cobain. Christopher traced it from the the telle. I think it looks more like George from revolver.
Michael Totten helping us break the law in the UK. At the next stop Alisa and I were interogated by the Underground police. They thought we were terrorists filming the Subway to plot some evil deed. When we showed them what we were really filming(Christopher Tipton's mouth) they let us go. That was a close one. Whew...
Christopher celebrating our release from the interogation closet. Huray!!!
Part of Mr. Rich Jacob's awesome instalation at rough trade record shop. sweet.
Christopher and I checking our horroscopes on the subway.

Monday, December 10, 2007

Upset the Rhthym RULEZ!!!

Merch Maddness...I love John Muas's iron on t shirts
T shirt maddness....its a lion with a sharks head
Vampire Dancer
Dan and Hey Chester can you tell me
Jezza and Dean Simmons
THE Joahn Maus (with Hallo) and Mr. Christopher Tipton
Dean signing a drumstick,
Art and Bart
Puttin up the awesome poster
The antlers

Sunday, December 9, 2007

i know why i feel this way

randy and jeremy from i-D getting odd.
fangs and directors.

dan deacon in london


healthy teeth

tour foooods

this was the ending of some falafel in barcelona. we ate here before we found out there was a MAO'S near by. if you don't know, MAO'S is like the carnegie hall of falafel. i didn't get a pic of that because we were too busy eating.
food from a very awesome vegan rest. in barcelona. this place was a life saver. it was also a small health food store where i purchased some tofu pate to take along with us.

food from govinda's in dublin. i love govinda's, randy kinda hates it. i don't understand why, hare krsna wouldn't have it any other way. the deal is krsna either didnt like garlic or onions, or he thought it made you too sexually aroused, so they don't use it in the food. BUT it is still awesome, the one in culver city has an all you can eat deal for like $6.

thai food in belfast. nothing to write a blog about, but pretty great in desperate times. it is kinda always desperate times eating vegan in europe, actually that isn't very true.

dark surfing performer

this photo is from the same thing as below, but i guess it wasn't good enough for a cover, we do look pretty sad. i assure you we are not this sad! we are not the sad's! we were starving i remember and after this we went to whole foods and bought a bunch of treats.. maybe if we took this pic after we ate we would of had the look of merry vegan tummy bliss!
the pic they chose. it is funny the things you find when you surf the net. a friend texted me about this and i completely forgot that we did it. i haven't read the interview but i think randy may have done it, woah.. that is weird i can't remember, i guess it has been a busy year. but it does look pretty cool. you can't really see my moustache in this picture, maybe that is a good thing...

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Spain hearts the Simpsons

Hommer and...
Our Spanish love child in danger.. oh no!!!
My new camera case
The Spanish love the Simpsons
and super Mickey Mouse
The show tonight

Does anyone remember taking these pictures

west dublinside

snoop dublin dog
some kinda Irish monkey dance