Sunday, December 9, 2007

dark surfing performer

this photo is from the same thing as below, but i guess it wasn't good enough for a cover, we do look pretty sad. i assure you we are not this sad! we are not the sad's! we were starving i remember and after this we went to whole foods and bought a bunch of treats.. maybe if we took this pic after we ate we would of had the look of merry vegan tummy bliss!
the pic they chose. it is funny the things you find when you surf the net. a friend texted me about this and i completely forgot that we did it. i haven't read the interview but i think randy may have done it, woah.. that is weird i can't remember, i guess it has been a busy year. but it does look pretty cool. you can't really see my moustache in this picture, maybe that is a good thing...