Tuesday, December 18, 2007

London post shows

So after we played our last date in London, I stuck around to film footage for the Documentary we are working on. This is Alisa and Christophertrying to calculate how little sleep human being actually need.
Christopher asked me to help him draw a poster for the Upset the Rhythm Christmas Party. I was thinking Junkie Jazzbo Santa. I think it came out pretty good.
This is how it eventualy turned out. NOT too bad. That was suposed to be Kurt Cobain. Christopher traced it from the the telle. I think it looks more like George from revolver.
Michael Totten helping us break the law in the UK. At the next stop Alisa and I were interogated by the Underground police. They thought we were terrorists filming the Subway to plot some evil deed. When we showed them what we were really filming(Christopher Tipton's mouth) they let us go. That was a close one. Whew...
Christopher celebrating our release from the interogation closet. Huray!!!
Part of Mr. Rich Jacob's awesome instalation at rough trade record shop. sweet.
Christopher and I checking our horroscopes on the subway.