Sunday, December 9, 2007

tour foooods

this was the ending of some falafel in barcelona. we ate here before we found out there was a MAO'S near by. if you don't know, MAO'S is like the carnegie hall of falafel. i didn't get a pic of that because we were too busy eating.
food from a very awesome vegan rest. in barcelona. this place was a life saver. it was also a small health food store where i purchased some tofu pate to take along with us.

food from govinda's in dublin. i love govinda's, randy kinda hates it. i don't understand why, hare krsna wouldn't have it any other way. the deal is krsna either didnt like garlic or onions, or he thought it made you too sexually aroused, so they don't use it in the food. BUT it is still awesome, the one in culver city has an all you can eat deal for like $6.

thai food in belfast. nothing to write a blog about, but pretty great in desperate times. it is kinda always desperate times eating vegan in europe, actually that isn't very true.