Tuesday, May 25, 2010


UPDATE! Here are photos from Scott's camera. this is what the guys looked like when they first got back. Ouch!

We had a great day walking around Lisbon. We came back to ZDB to chill for a second. I decided to stay in, but Dean, Scotty and Will wanted to hit the town. I fell asleep and was woke up when they all came back. they tried to get into some club and the bouncers jumped them. Out of nowhere these dudes were all getting punched in the face, Will got strangled!!! What the Fuck!?!?!?!? I didn't get any pictures of them when they first walked in, cuz I was just waking up, but this is what they looked like after they washed their faces off. It was nuts though when they came back in, because they were all fucked up and bloody. I will try to get more pics off Scotty's camera. FAHK!!!!

Dean was the first to get punched. The guy at the club said they didn't want "English" at the club and when Dean tried to talk to the guy some bouncer socked him on the side of his face.
this doesn't look that bad, but when he came in his whole eyebrow was bleeding.
Scotty's nose was all fucked up. These guys got fucked up! I am sorry I wasn't there to try to help out. Damn!!!!


Sputnik said...

super bummer...

Andrew K said...

Really sad news. Thank god you're all safe though!

Ladies Love said...

What was the club's name?

JoaoPQ said...

Wow! That's pretty unusual here in Lisbon... Most of the clubs don't react like this...
Good luck with tomorrow's gig! I'll be there.

Christopher J. Robinson said...

The club must have been Lux-Frágil.

Huguini said...

Christopher J. Robinson it's clear you've never been to Lux...

john holmes said...

lux would never do that, specially when it's closed that night. it doesn't matter what club was, it's a sad issue and we all apollogise for the happening, we've all been into that situation here unfortunately. people with their brains on their fists.

Lewis Flude said...

Hope it dosen't hurt too much. Good luck next time, don't let this stop you trying to get into foreign bars, they're not all like that.

Blueblogs said...

I love Lisbon but this is bullllshit!

Perdidamente said...

Lux is closed on Tuesdays,so its impossible to be that venue.

gangrena said...

i'm afraid to say this is so normal for me ._. most bouncers i've met are on steroids and they go crazy for nothing, also happened to a friend of mine. meh. take care guys, have a nice show! <3

Dirk Kuyt said...
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Sérgio Hydalgo said...


StageExitLeft said...

yep, that´s Lisbon for you. That´s why i love going out here and that´s why i love living in this dump of a city. believe me, contrary to some comments bouncer violence is frequent and widespread. bouncers have guns and other clubs and all kinds of weapons on hand. there is even a trial going on in the courts because of 2 opposing "bouncer mafia-like organizations" who got in a dispute over "club/market". there were several murders. My advice, just don´t visit Portugal, it´s a dump with some nice weather, nothing much. I have moved abroad, to Holland, precisely because this city is awful and were it not for the economic crisis i would still be there.

Sorry you guys had to find this the hard way.

Hope you have a fast recovery.


Arlindo Aristides Cabrita said...

Jeez, talk about being attacked by apes on steroids. I hope you guys get better. I'll also be there tomorrow at ZDB. Cheers!

Chad said...

Better take a self defense course at the YMCA before you go back there.

=^_^= said...

summer bummer

Thijs... said...

summer bummer by bouncer pouncer... get well, see you in holland next time.

CJS said...

it's not summer yet,
but that is a bummer

glad everyone is ok.

no name of the club?

should put it out there so everyone knows.

Taeil said...

I guarantee you it was soccer season.

na garagem said...

like a revange they made a huge great show last night in lisbon! the new songs sounds fabulous at first audition...thanks guys...the number one fan....my wife start to like you :-)

Maciel's Pompadour said...

Dude this is fucked. You guys are some of the raddest people on Earth, whoever did this were low-lives man.

Anonymous said...

Porto is way better than Lisbon!

alzbetka said...

oh u guys should take care about you more!

A said...

That's really bad news guys, so sorry. We walked passed you at Primavera Sound (great set btw!) and thought you looked a bit worse for wear.

I'm English and lived in Lisbon for almost 2 years and heard some stories but luckily nothing ever happened to me.

Next time you're in town look me up and I'll show you some better night spots.

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Juan said...

Stop being such pussies!

Juan said...

You are all a bunch of faggot pussies anyway!

anonima said...

vi que aconteceu no Jamaica, assim que deve ter sido com certeza aquele porteiro brasileiro mulato baixinho que trabalha ai desde alguns meses.
nos ultimos meses partiu a cara (literalmente) à 3 pessoas que conheço (uma sou eu), mas dizem por ai que ha um episodio novo cada poucos dias.
nos casos que conheço, a agressão aconteceu de surpresa e sem motivacao nehuma: o gajo deve ser mesmo tarado.
no meu caso fiquei a parecer um panda por 2 semanas e depois voltei normal.
pelos vistos o subnormal sigue sendo subnormal.
a policia parece nao se interessar no assunto.
e a gerencia do Jamaica tambem nao...
o lado bom é que deve ser um caso isolado: o resto dos porteiros que conheço no Cais do Sodré sao pessoas razoaveis

Juan said...

Speak English or die!

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately that has been usual here in Portugal - not only in Lisbon, Porto or the bigger cities: even in small town clubs. It happened to me (I'm portuguese)fifteen years ago, in Costa da Caparica, a small beach town!I don't know why, is rather difficult to understand such a behavior. Even with esteroids... The club in question (Jamaica) has a lot of stories like that, but the bouncer seems to be the same every year. Hope you got recovered quick. I feel sorry for that stupid shit for brain, because I know that some day he will drink is own poison, sooner or later. Hope you don't avoid Portugal in the future because of this. The so called "motivation" (not english allowed) is not a portuguese general feeling, hope you know that. Thanks for the gig, it was really great.

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