Tuesday, March 25, 2008

The What the Fuck!, J and Martin, Jaaams Browns, Then US Map's, and Bobby D & Coffee

This has been such a fucking amazing thing to watch. We watched it again today and it never ceases to make the hair on the back of my neck stand up. Fucking Assholes!!!

fucking insanely awesome! does anyone have a copy of Martin and Me they can email me? randysrandall@yahoo.com That would fuckin rule! I remember cleaning up my house when I was 15 after a big party I threw when my parents were away and all I listened to all day while I cleaned was Martin and me. You can see why.

Jesus H what an amazing band!!! I remember when we played with them and Al was the nicest guy and said "Hi, my name is Al" and I was like holy shit! I can't belive we are on the same stage. I remember seeing them at the Echo, early on, when the echo wasn't quite the muscle it is today. and we ate nachos and watched US Maple destroy the room in the most uncomfortable way. Unbelievable!

Aren't you just waiting for him to bust into Hotel California....ugh the anticipation!