Friday, November 7, 2008

so many photos

I have so many photos from our tour with Los Camp, Times New Viking, and White Circle Crime Club. I will try to get as many up as I can over the next week. We start our last US tour of 2008 tomorrow with Soft Circle, Titus Adronicus, and Silk Flowers. I will post those photos where ever I can decent internet connection.
When we arrived in Lisbon, we were happy to see Luke and Sara from Lucky Dragon. We ate at this awesome Vegetarian buffet, soooooo good! 
Luke and Sergio, who runs this incredible gallery in Lisbon where we played. We had so much fun at this show.

Promo photo of Dean's new tough guy band.
Apparently these assholes didn't know Dean was in a tough guy band or they wouldn't have broken our window. Luckily there was nothing in the van, but it still sucks having glass fly at you when you are driving on the freeway.
We had no idea Lisbon has this huge Golden Gate like bridge, with an enormous Jesus statue in the background