Wednesday, December 17, 2008


In  a few weeks it will be January 2009. This special moment in time marks the 30th anniversary of the first SST release. Just think, about thirty years ago, in 1979 the first Black Flag E.P. "Nervous Breakdown" was released and changed music forever. We love Black Flag and SST Records so much, they have both inspired us in countless ways and to commemorate the big 3-0 (well, almost) we wanted to share some SST related videos with you, get inspired! ENJOY!

Chuck drops serious knowledge at about 3:43

The Descendents ruled my life in high school

huskers! Makes No Sense At All + Louie Louie (w/ minutemen and meat puppets joining in, the best part is D. Boon showing Gregg Norton how to do his little swaying shimmy dance he does) INCREDIBLE

J Mascis shreds, makes long hair seem pretty cool

Rare footage of The Minutemen playing without George Hurley, pretty weird, but still awesome, rumor is Hurley couldn't get time off work so they had a dude fill in, sticking to the minutemen working class aesthetic.

Meat Puppets are weirdos! YES!

Last but not least an SST commercial for the Black Flag album "Slip It In" DESTROY REALITY!