Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Blast From The Past

I don't know why I am posting these really, just feeling like putting up some stuff from our old band. This pic and the one below are from Austin TX in 2005. I like the vibe in these, for me it feels really dark.

Randy also on the floor. I have no recollection of this show, except that Tim Kerr was there and I do remember Randy was on the floor for most of the show.

In England. This was the end of our 2 month tour where we decided to break up, this was from our last show I think, it is hard to say though because Randy, Roy and I only wore like two shirts the whole tour so all the photos look the same.

This was definitely earlier on the UK Tour, there were slightly better spirits all around. This Photo is cool. These three english ones are all taken by Owen Richards a fine young man. That was a good shirt, i left it in England.

This picture is insane. Randy sliced his hand open, this was our last show, he kept playing, then when we were done we had to go get stitches at the hospital. Then immediately try and drive ourselves to Heathrow to fly home. This picture sums up that whole last leg of the band for me. Great one though. Looking TOUGH!


Siberian said...

what's the name of your old band? any chance you would want to send me some songs? those pictures are great. the last one is so intense.

Anonymous said...

Crazy, that last photo is intense.

@Siberian: The band was called Wives.

Siberian said...

haha, i've actually heard Wives before... never realized that was them. goofy.

Deanerspunter said...

yeah that was us, goffy

Zach said...

The last photo reminds me of your get well soon shirt

Anonymous said...

I would like to thank you for adding a link to My Odd Days. I'm kind of in love with it.

Jeremy said...

You Guys rock the Purple and Black too. lets do this ray ray. love, ptail

maNooshi said...

Speaking of past blasts, here's a post I humbly wrote about a few of your LA shows this past January '09:

No one reads my blog, sorry. But enjoy!

Your fan,

Fuchikoma said...

I think a couple months ago I searched every search result on youtube for "wives" and found only 1 live video. Some show from Prague, and I couldn't recognize any of the song, but it was definitely old school Dean 'n' Randy.

Deanerspunter said...

i know the video you are talking about. it is in prague, Elizabeth from Finally Punk shot it back in '05. it was a song that was never released (it's recorded though.... sitting on an unmixed cassette in my garage)

Anonymous said...

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