Sunday, August 8, 2010

London Day 1

Ryan, from Sub Pop met us at the air port and took us into town to do an interview on BBC 6.
First we stopped at Wagamama to grab some food.
Jettlagness was fully kicking in.
Oh man!
Ewan met us at the Station. It is so cool and weird getting to be on the radio with very little sleep in a different country in a different time zone. It is sorta feels like waking up from a deep sleep in the middle of the night and suddenly you are in this studio.
We chatted with this man, Steve Lamacq. here is a link to the interview we did,
Lammo is La Man!
Then Dean ran into this Whole Foods.


Elizabeth's court said...

Dear Randy and s me, your slovak fan Elizabeth from Off festival.thank you for the best show i ve ever seen.u are simply th
e best.and dean.when i was talking about how u should pay us a visit i i was absolutely serious so u should take it seriously too.dont forget it s only 2 hours from vienna.u are both very welcomed,i am sure u ll like it and us.and i hope it s not so unreal. I ll be waiting. .

Elizabeth's court said...

And i hope u are checking those comments.