Monday, October 25, 2010

Dial House

So you know you are far behind on updating the blog when you are still updating pictures from the last time you were in another country and you have already left there again.
4 months ago Tipton took us out to Dial House. Charles made a Video of it that you can see HERE
" They Don Boys"!!!
We took the tube about an hour outside of London towards Essex.
We got off at the end of the line way out in the country.
HERE is what Wikipedia has to say about Dial House.
Gee was gracious enough to lead us on a small tour of the property.
Here are some of the neighbors next door to the house.
It was a really beautiful experience.

and then we hoofed it out of there.

Thank you Chris for taking us on one of the most unforgettable adventures!


Elizabeth's court said...

Oh what a beautiful trip! Hope to se
e you tommorow in Arena Wien!

Anonymous said...

sooo fukin heavy heavy that you went to the crass house!!!

Elizabeth's court said...

Dear Randy and Dean, I just wanted to say antoher big THANK YOU for your yesterday show in Wienna. I hope to see you soon in Slovakia. And Dean,thank you for that cool EIB scarf/tablecloth! Al┼żbeta

Pervaiz said...

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J. SPEARS said...
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lala said...

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Ricardo said...

Hey guys, I just wanted to thank you and Abe Vigoda for putting on a fun show in Berlin last night. I want to especially thank Dane for making a big effort to find me when I lost my wallet... Hope to see both bands in Toronto or Lisbon in the future. Peace

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