Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Sick new tour shirts!!

The "Euro Tour" shirt. Pocket T. Designed by SKYPAGE!

No Age by SUMI INK!

Still got some sweatshirts!! Tour gear!

We leave today.

If you can't Make it to the shows send us some paypal love and we will send to you some gear.


$15 for t shirts plus $2 shipping

$25 for sweatshirts plus $3 shipping.

Please send size and address.



Derek said...

Is there a way someone like me who lives in a city you won't be playing for a while could buy one of those awesome new black t-shirts?

no age said...

Done bro, check the post again at the bottom

Elizabeth's court said...

OUI! I will definitely buy one EURO TOUR T in Krakow!!!
I can't wait to see youuu"

yuan said...

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Rae said...

So, that $2 for shipping would that apply for a South African address?

Josh Lee said...

I was going to ask what Derek asked, thanks for taking care of the fans who can't come see you!

jianwei said...

Hi, just wondering if you will ship to the UK and if so is the shipping a different price?

jansmithxxx said...

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