Monday, July 18, 2011

Mid Week Freak Out

A reminder to come down to MaCarthur Park on Thursday at 7pm. Free show, Special Guests and a lot of fun. Come hang in the park, reminisce about Luna Terra Sol and the DNC! Free food provided by FOOD NOT BOMBS LA (while it lasts). We are stoked to play in the park! Come hang out please! Ride your bike or take the metro (Westlake MaCarthur Park exit off the red or purple line)

Sick Show! The night before MaCarthur Park, Dean is jamming in Suburban Union. Hysterics from OLYMPIA and LA VOZ from LA too. PUNK! Tinylittle got added last minute to shred as well.

1 comment:

stuffffffff said...

I still think about Luna Tierra Sol all the time. Necessary grubbage for crust punk showage.

Chimi Hendrix where are you!???!??!