Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Fuji Rock photos

Sunday's line up

Dolphin Adventure

I tried to get Scotty to eat this

Main Man Shin the Dedtroyer!!!

My favorite corner

Rushing Water at the Fest

Festival goers

Rainy days

Rock friends at the kid park

Smokey kid's park

Marc Ribot

Marc Ribot killing it!!!

Alex and Victoria enjoying the food court

Hot Stuff!!!


Fly High!!!

Flying "HI"!!!

Bethany peacing out!

The crew

The biggest mutant spider came in to party with us backstage

He was huge!!! He looked like a Rastafarian with his locks in a beanie bag.

View from the room

Buckle up yr cartoon kids


Freshness burger Ichiban

Happy Teeth

Peace out Nippon!!! Arigato Gozi imas!!! Thanks for inviting us to Fuji Rock! See you next time!!!!

Location:Naeba Japan

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Elizabeth's court said...

Oh how I miss your shows :(