Thursday, October 29, 2009

New York Living

Bright Lights
New Futures
John and Sunnie breaking ground on an amazing new place
What will it be.
Parts and pieces
High Five!
The nietzsche nexus
Indicating the way to the future...
Comboy Glove Dance
Next Century Dust Eye Patch
Imaginary New Piano
This one speaks for its self
Old world living
Parts of Old Pianos
Boxes of beliefs
Bikes on bikes
Old School gamers
If Dean lifts his legs when he plays he can get Mario to jump higher.
Silk Flowers breaking the Pain

Avi "the Wreka" 
Ethan "Da Bomb squad"
Peter " The Pistol"
What a cool record store...

1 comment:

m. said...

How was Silk Flowers ? can't wait to see them live.