Friday, October 30, 2009


While we were in NY we played in the lobby of the Museum of Modern Art. That statue behind Dean right there is a Rodin sculpture of Balzac
We set up next to it, but we were told we had to stay 6 feet away from it at all times
Damn! that is some heavy art shit
The reason we were asked to play at the MOMA was because Patrick O'Dell had put together a panel discussion about Skateboard Videos.  Here is Ed Templeton, Spike Jonze, Tobin Yelland, and Jake Phelps
This was presented in conjunction with the MOMA's Spike Jonze retrospective program.
It was one of the raddest screening events I had ever seen. Pat put together 3 video montages. Starting with video parts from classic 80's videos, then 90's, into the present.
It was so Fuckin' rad to see all these parts smashed together. Then after each montage Pat would have some of the skaters and videographers come up on stage and talk about the videos.
Like in this photos above: Lance Mountain, Spike Jonze, Mark Gonzalez

Tobin Yelland, Jake Phelps, Spike
Lance, Gonz, Ed Templeton
Then it was time for us to play
Afterwards Chris Johanson and Hisham told me about their sick Blues boogie woogie doom metal band.
HEre is the man of the hour Patrick O'Dell with his lovely sister
Goofin' fer da flash
Eliza from Pop Rally who put the whole thing together. Thanks!
Scott cherishing the skelleton
Oh Damn! there is Spike the night before his movie opened. cool as a cucumber. WTF!
our piece of Modern Art
After we hung with Moses...

and Oh Wait...
Jordy! and his NY crew
Great to see you holding it down in NYC. Keepin' in Really Real.


Wald Uplight said...

hey guys!
i wrote and sketched a little about your great berlin gig (with the fender frontman girl as a special guest) on my blog and wanted to invite you to see it:

maybe you could me mail me, so i can stay in touch in the future in a better way. like you say "get our real email accounts somehow. all the best from berlin! wald

Anthony said...

speaking of ed templeton, is there any possible way for me to pick up a pair of those emerica sneaks in a 10.5 somehow?!?...

Anonymous said...

lol i like the pic of scott with the skeleton

Deana said...

whoooa jesus you guys are the tru rippers
+ jordy! omg