Monday, January 10, 2011

1/11/11 Austin, Tejas

Come out and party with us tomorrow night!!! It is well known that the date 1/11/11 is infamous in Santa Claritian lore as being the date that all blonde haired children will yeild to the five headed Reinarnarion flower mother, Utsecks!!!

Come celebrate this momentus occasion with us at The Mohawk!!!!!!!

Be there or be prepared to face the wrath that follows this deadly plauge.

And oh yeah, We are not gonna be at SxSW this year. So, if you live in Austin and are not a fan of wristbands and crowds, tomorrow night is a great chance to catch us playing and hang with yr homies without having to put up with music indstry types on their blue tooths blogging about the next big crossbetween Paul Simon's Graceland and Bruce Sprinsteen's Born to Run, with a front man that looks like Ian Curtis and sounds like Mark E Smith meets Shakira!!!!


Rachel said...

Can't wait. Taking requests? Boy Void!!! :)

Jackie said...

It'll be awesome!

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