Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Austin, TX Venue Change

Good people of Austin. The Gods of chill have chosen to take up temporary residncey in your city this evening. Bringing the tempurature down to an uncomfortable level for warm blooded mamals of Austin.
Therefore we have decided to move the celebration inside to a new location: Red 7(just around the corner from The Mohawk).
Please join us at Red 7 for warmth and cheer!!!!

See below for ticket and venue info:

new facebook event

ticket link

And while yr at it check out the link below to see a video this awesome dance troupe, Little Stollen Moments, made to our song You're A Target.



Jackie said...

You guys were awesome. Safe travels!

Anonymous said...

would you mind posting last night's setlist? Losing Feeling was freakin amazing

Anonymous said...

That Little Stolen Moments interpretive dance video is awesome! Made me wanna run around in a gymnasium and grab asses. Think the link on your post is broken now... here's where I found it if anyone's looking for it: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d9KBQaNEcrk