Wednesday, March 10, 2010


COME SHRED (if you are in Texas for SXSW i mean). Late night party mind warp STYLES! It's going to be great.


vhsdream said...

if this is free, i'm so there

Ronnie said...

Hey Dean & Randall!

Its Ron from toronto(BEST SET EVER!) things look to be going good for you guys, which is awesome and I hear buzz about a new album from you guys which is super awesome exciting news.

We did a tv show in august and its finally online, check it out if you got time and were all looking forward to seeing you guys again, drop us a line and we'll chill and eat great food.

much love -ronnie-
plus, i'm releasing a tape with another band I contribute too and I'll be sending it to you guys via snail mail!

Ronnie said...

hears the link!

nathan said...

damn, you guys should play at sxsw like 3 years from now when im attending

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