Tuesday, March 2, 2010

new cell phone photos of stuff

I have an obsession with duct tape. When I was a kid I used to go through rolls and rolls. Just making weird things to play with. Like I made a building out of card board and duct tape and I would tape my GI Joes back together. I also used to freeze my GI Joes in ziplock bags full of water and take them out and pretend they were like guys frozen in ice like cave men.  
Duct tape really is the coolest thing. You can get it in all these crazy colors. When I was in Japan they had so many rad random designs on the duct tape. I have this stupid collection of all these different rolls. My favorite for a long time was this hunting camouflage tape that had branches and leaves all over it.


Duane said...

i'm guessing you were high when you took these pictures.

Nathan said...

beautiful, personally im partial to white duct tape, its where its at.

Cassie LaRussa said...

the rachel ray dog food is the best

The Lurker said...

Nick Lowe, rooster chili sauce, and Liquid Gold: obviously you are gentlemen and scholars. Check out my blog if you want: my sullen valentine. I wrote about you at Lollapalooza. By the way, I'm not fucking anyone's wife in the ass. I consider that the husband's responsibility.

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