Wednesday, March 24, 2010


A site called Crafts For A Cause run by our friend is starting to auction off items to benefit Haiti. Artists and other celeb types like Spike Jonze, Chan Marshall, Natalie Portman, The Strokes etc are all auctioning off one of a kind items to raise money for people and projects who need it in Haiti.

You can check out and bid on our item HERE and what you get if you win is a Limited Edition T Shirt that we made back in 2008, and also as the winner you will get into any of our shows for free for LIFE! So, just wear the shirt, and you are in... so like 30 years from now, you can still see us play when we are on our opening for some 18 year olds "cyber-industrial renaissance fair hardcore" band. The auction ends on March 27th at 6pm, Good luck!!!


ZO said...

I want this I need this

Fuchikoma said...

Does it include fests, like if you were to play Coachella again? Or even the smaller ones like Fuck Yeah Fest or Eagle Rock? :]

sean_mnk said...

same question as Fuchikoma... that would be totally worth it