Monday, January 10, 2011

Burning up the Road

We are soaking up all the sunshine and warm weather the South West has to offer.
So far tour is ruling! SD Che Cafe destroys so hard!!! We hadn't play the Che in like 5 years. It was sick triping out up in the eucaliptis grove.
Tucson- Spooky Ass Haunted Hotel Congress. This day was super surreal. As we were driving from SD to Tucson we heard from the promoter that the Congress woman from the district was shot at a Safeway appearance that morning in Tucson. It was a heavy feeling. We were not sure if the show was gonna be cancelled or not. We ended up playing, but it was a somber feeling evening. Just too stagering and senseless of a tradgety. And on top of that when we went into the room we were staying at the Hotel Congress the chair was flipped over in the middle of the room. And there was just the spooky walls are watching you kinda feeling.
El Paso- the Perculator was my favorite venue we have played at in El Paso. The vibe was super cool. Lasagna played such an incredibly beautiful set. We were really psyched they played! The floor was slippery and I kept feeling like I was bout to do the splits. There was a fight between 2 women in the audience and after everyone left there was hair extentions, (or maybe real hair) in huge clumps all over the floor. I hope everyone is ok. You gotta keep that PMA in the pit!

Location:Randy's tour Ramble


Elizabeth's court said...

Dean Dean Dean Randy Randy Randy No No No Age Age Age I miss you.

Anonymous said...

More "Randy's Tour Rambles" please. Loves it.